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Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Programme 2024 | Apply Now

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by Ofa

The fully funded Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Programme 2024 application portal is now open for interested applicants.

Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Programme 2024

The aim of the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity program is to unite a wide range of industries and professions that impact health and well-being, such as art, law, business, academia, government, journalism, social enterprise, research, media, housing, and healthcare delivery.

It is important to emphasize that applicants will be chosen based on their proven dedication to health equity and potential for leadership.

The program’s objective is to develop and aid a group of diverse, global leaders with interdisciplinary expertise, abilities, and connections to promote health equity within their respective organizations and communities.

Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity

Selected fellows will need to:

  • The requirements for participation in the program include attending 3-4 face-to-face meetings per year, which would take up about 5 weeks of your time.
  • Additionally, you will be expected to engage in the online curriculum, which includes biweekly virtual classes, personalized coaching, group-based learning, and peer mentoring, and will require a time commitment of 12-16 hours per month.
  • It is important to note that proficiency in the English language is necessary.


  • All educational experiences and travel expenses related to participation in this fellowship including in-person convenings are paid for by Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity.

Who Should apply for Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Programme 2024

Eligibility is for individuals who:

  1. The program seeks individuals who aspire to be leaders at a global level in eradicating health inequalities.
  2. Ideal candidates should be in the early to mid stages of their careers, actively involved in health-related endeavors, occupying leadership positions or have potential for leadership roles.
  3. Additionally, they should appreciate and embrace diverse perspectives, and take pleasure in collaborating with others.

Selection Criteria

  • Strength of statement of interest, including past accomplishments that demonstrate a strong commitment to health equity
  • Quality of project proposal
  • Strength of recommendation
  • Letter of support from an employer
  • Result of interview(s)

Additional Information

The following are required for the application:

  1. A brief statement (no more than 500 words) addressing the reasons you want to be a fellow, including a discussion of your major strengths and unique personal and leadership characteristics.
  2. A health equity project proposal you would like to complete during your fellowship year.
  3. Your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.
  4. Two letters of recommendation.
  5. An employer support form completed by someone in a direct supervisory role that is willing to serve as your advisor, assisting with your growth as you pursue a focus on change leadership for health equity.

How to Apply for Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Programme 2024

Easy steps to apply for WBG:

  1. Go to the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program Application portal via
  2. Obtain the form via Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program Application Portal.
  3. Click on the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program Application form publication therein.
  4. Follow the instructions provided on the portal to successfully register and apply for the scholarship screening exercise.
  5. Print out your Registration slip afterwards.
  6. Finally, Wait for feedback

Application Timeline

  1. February 15, 2023: Application opens
  2. March 9, 2023: Informational webinar
  3. April 10, 2023: Application closes
  4. June 2023: First round of applicant interviews
  5. July 2023: Second round of applicant interviews
  6. August 2023: Applicant acceptance notifications go out

We hope that you found our article on Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Programme 2024  and how to apply online to be helpful.

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